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Welcome to Full Gospel Family Publications, publishers of Christian education resources for the home and church. We specialize in character building Bible studies for children through adults, discipleship / Christian growth materials, and intercessory prayer resources.

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For full descriptions of our books and other resources, please use the links below:


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The Intercessor Manual & The Intercessor's Companion


Comb-bound editions (U. S. orders only)

        Character Building for Families
Curriculum / Bible study / family devotions for parents and children. Ideal homeschool character training resource.

      River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus
Character study for adults / home Bible study / adult Sunday School
(Great for homeschool teens, too!)
30% and 40% quantity discounts available (U.S. only)

          The Homeschool Guide to Raising Prayer-Filled Kids
E-book only

      House of Prayer ~ House of Power
Practical help for starting and maintaining a successful prayer group in your home or church

      The Intercessor Manual
A wealth of information to help you be an effective intercessor / prayer warrior
Also available as audiobook!
20% off on 5 or more (U.S. only)

      The Intercessor's Companion
Where are the Bible verses relating to your need? We've got them here, topically listed (with a dab of encouraging commentary, too!), to help you receive your breakthrough answers to prayer.
Also available as audiobook!
20% off on 5 or more (U.S. only)

      Before Whom We Stand: The Everyman's Guide to the Nature of God
Practical, engaging overview of the character of God and the specific roles of the Persons of the Trinity. Perfect for new believers, discipleship, supplemental Bible class for older homeschoolers, or as an evangelistic tool to reach the seeking nonbeliever.
Also available as audiobook!
20% off on 5 or more (U.S. only)

        The Names of God
An alphabetical listing of the 600+ names and titles of God, as found in the KJV

        Hotline to Heaven: Hearing the Voice of God
Practical explanation of how God speaks and how you can easily tap into hearing Him

        How to Pray and Read the Bible
Practical, simple info to help you achieve a consistent prayer and Bible life.

        The Beginning Intercessor
A shorter, quick-read version of our more extensive book, The Intercessor Manual

        Encouragement from God's Word
Topical Bible verse listings to help you understand God's faithfulness while you stand steadfast for your breakthrough (KJV)

        God's Word on Healing
Bible verses at your fingertips to help you claim your healing

        Flowing in the Prophetic
Level 1: The Prophetic Anointing

CD Set from apostolic teacher Steve Driessen. Anointed, practical, inspiring, powerful.

        Flowing in the Prophetic
Level 2: Prophetic Alignment

More from Steve Driessen. (CD Set)

        Yes, You Can Be an Intercessor! Seminar
Live seminar/workshop, taught by Lee Ann.
Practical info to build your confidence that you can be an effective intercessor.
Your choice: CD Set or MP3 Download

        Growing in the Prophetic Seminar
Live seminar/workshop, taught by Lee Ann.
For prophetic intercessors & their pastors. Lots of info on dream interpretation.
Your choice: CD Set or MP3 Download

        The Intercessor Manual Audio Book
Your choice: CD Set or MP3 Download

        The Intercessor's Companion Audio Book
Your choice: CD Set or MP3 Download

        Before Whom We Stand Audio Book
Your choice: CD Set or MP3 Download

        Leveraging Kingdom Authority
Anointed teaching by Steve Driessen on healing, with a powerful live healing session at the end.

        Speaking as the Oracles of God
CD teaching by Lee Ann

        The Baptism in the Spirit:
Why You Need It & How to Get It

CD teaching by Lee Ann, demystifying and simplifying receiving the Baptism and your prayer language






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